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Mar 19, 2011 11:00pm PDT
details coming up. >>> the u.s. opens fire on libya. what prompted the president's decision and how gadhafi is reacting. >> and swept away by the tsunami. what became of the driver. >> good evening, a stormy day and we're not in the clear yet. another wave of heavy rain and strong winds is moving in at this hour. meteorologist, lawrence has more on that in a minute, but our team coverage begins with don knapp in san francisco and the mess left behind by the storm so far. don. >> and this wet and wild weekend is about to get a little wilder with the wind warnings coming up. there are wind advisories all the way down to the 50-mile an hour winds on the golden gate tonight and on the san mateo bridge. the big rigs and box trucks are restricted. that wind has already done damage on land. >> crews work to cut up and remove a 90-foot oak that crashed on to a house on walnut creek this evening. dropping the tree on to the roof, knocking out skylights and poking holes. no one was hurt. earlier today, wind and rain shut down highway 84 between skyline boulevard. falling trees brought dow
Mar 13, 2011 11:00pm PDT
. >> reporter: the nuclear regulatory commission says the west coast of the u.s. is not in danger. >> even if there were a significant release it would be dispersed probably before it came to the united states. but at the present time it seems unlikely that there will be a major radio active release. >> reporter: as long as the reactor core is covered during pooling, it is less threatening to the public as each day goes by. linda yee, cbs5. >>> now the latest from japan. incredible new images of the tsunami that devastated the island nation. water pushing into a narrow bay lifting boats and pushing everything over a sea wall. moving everything in its path from cars to houses. water eventually rushes through the neighborhood turning streets into raging rivers. boats were crushed when being forced under an overpass. ben tracy reports from tokyo. >> reporter: the port town on japan's north eastern coast is nearly wiped out. and in the area near there authorities now fear 10,000 people may be dead. when the ominous black sea attacked this island nation friday it left behind a massive trail of
Mar 27, 2011 11:00pm PDT
and three sailors were killed. >> reporter: the u.s. led the operations for more than a week to take out gadaffi's air defenses and establish a no fly zone but now nato agreed to take over command. rebels handed out food to civilians one day after recapturing the strategic coastal town. on sunday the opposition pushed west and controls all the main oil term nams in eastern libya. one rebel claims there was no resistance at all from forces loyal to gadaffi. >> based on the intelligence and what our military is seeing, the gadaffi forces are withdrawing. >> reporter: the united nation's security council meets monday getting an update on the situation in libya. president obama addresses the nation later in the evening. >> i think the military mission has gone quite well. >> reporter: defense secretary robert gates says the u.s. would begin reducing its forces committed to libya within weeks. but he doesn't think if anyone know's if military operations will be over by year's end. reporting from the united nations. >>> another earthquake scare in japan prompting another tsunami warning. no ad
Mar 5, 2011 11:00pm PST
. egyptian refugees that we are walking into inned knee sha, they are hetting home. u.s. military is taking us back to cairo. battle for control in libya. >> the situation is quiet and peaceful. >> twice today, moammar gadhafi's government claimed it had ticken control of the strategic town of zawia and released gun area footage that moved it. the government pores forces that tried to dislodge rebels once before and beaten back. then they went at it again with a full armored assault. a reporter from britain's sky news is the western correspondent there. >> we have a lot of shelling. they got closer and closer. we now have to take rev refuge inside the mall. >> they are unable to stop them and getting closer and close r. >> the rebels later claimed they were in control of the town, having betten off the government advance then. >> this has been continuous. >> zawis is so critical. by far, the close e rebel to the capital, it's a sign that opposition to gadhafi is not limited to earn libya. in fact, it's getting bolder within tripoli it. >> okay, we won't there. >> opponents of the r
Mar 12, 2011 11:00pm PST
burning. 100,000 japanese troops are now part of the rescue and recovery effort. u.s. marines have started flying much needed emergency supplies into the hardest hit areas. >> the tsunami that raced across the pacific slammed into northern california ports. it caused so much damage that some harbors remain closed tonight. >>> from the water we get a closer look at the damage left by the tsunami in the santa cruz harbor. >> it's devastating. >> reporter: they're assessing the damage after a series of surges hit friday morning smashing boats together sinking at least 18 of them and ripping docks apart. >> there's a lot of damage as you go down each individual fair way here, but it's unsafe to go down there. we're unsure what's under us. >> reporter: much of the debris is still under water, some of it is being pulled out. >> there's always pollution concern, especially when we don't know what was on board. >> reporter: they're looking for the sheen of oil in this americay water. >> all of the boats that are on the bottom are pleasure craft. >> reporter: which means they can only hold a few ga
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5